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Our state of the art Cartographer

Green Atlas Cartographer takes several high resolution photos per second, using high powered strobes to penetrate deep into the canopy. This allows scanning speeds of up to 25km/h and 10 ha/hour! Each photo is GPS referenced and artificial intelligence is used to recognise the features of interest. From this process, detailed maps are created, showing the density of the feature across the orchard. A lidar (laser ranging) sensor also provides accurate maps of canopy height, volume, density and leaf area.

Crop Scan Technologies launched Cartographer for nut density maps and mistletoe detection in macadamia trees, and will soon expand into other crops including avocados and apples.

An example photo of mistletoe being identified in a tree.

Multiple Crops

The Cartographer has been used in multiple crop types including almonds, apples, avocados, blueberries, cherries, citrus, grapes (wine and table), kiwifruit, macadamia, pears, and stone-fruit (most varieties) across the spectrum of fruit lifecycle, from flowering to mature fruit, and in the case of almonds, post-harvest to map ‘mummified’ nuts left on the trees.

Geometry View

The Cartographer also uses LiDAR to measure tree canopy geometry throughout the orchard. This includes tree height, canopy area/volume and canopy density. The data can be used to define treatment zones or make informed spray and pruning decisions. Map of Macadamia tree height on left and tree profile view on right.

Orchard View

Orchard view provides a view of the relative performance of different blocks, comparing overall yield and the evenness of the distribution.

Tree View

Tree view allows the user to interact with their data just like using Google Street View™. Simply click on any photo from the Orchard view and inspect the high resolution colour image that was taken.

More than 35,000 hectares of tree-crops have been scanned to date.

Even more crop types and phenological stages are constantly being added to the Cartographer’s repertoire, as are new uses for the resulting data.